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Guy Camara

Guy Camara is a filmmaker who has produced, directed, edited, written, a number of independent films. He studied filmmaking at S.U.N.Y. Purchase (State University of New York at Purchase). There Camara received his BFA in Films. He has worked on notable productions including In The Company of Men starring Aaron Ekhart(The Dark Knight, Sully), American Reel (David Carradine, Mariel Hemingway).

Camara spent 5 years working in corporate life from 1987-1994 he worked for Union Carbide Linde Safety and Training Division for 8 months producing corporate videos and 5 years at IBM in Human Resources. During this time Camara produced
Strength, a public service announcement on race relations, directed by John G. Young. In 1993 Camara co-produced with John G. Young Garden starring Matt Malloy and Oscar Winner Melissa Leo, directed by James Spione. Garden is a sad tale of a man’s psychological breakdown that results in a horrible end for his family. Camara accepted a buy-out in 1993 from IBM and moved to Indianapolis a year later. In 1994 Camara began a freelancing career.

During this time Camara worked in broadcast television freelancing as a camera operator. Camara began working in AV as an AV-Technician with PSAV, Rent-A-Bit, Dodd Technologies, Stage Tech, and other AV companies.

In 1995 Camara wrote and directed
Time Won’t Fly. A film inspired by personal experience. 1997 worked on In The Company Of Men. . The movie went on to win The Independent Spirit Award at Sundance Film Festival and other prestigious awards. It also launched the careers of its principal players Matt Malloy (AI), Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight/Sully) and Stacy Edwards (Joshua) and carved a career for its director Neil Labute (Nurse Betty/Possession). The movie made Roger Ebert’s top ten list for ’97. Mark Archer, who produced the movie, invited me to 1st AD American Reel (Starring David Carradine and Mariel Hemingway). Between these projects Camara produced commercials, corporate videos, and short films.

Guy Camara formed a production company called
Kingdom Pictures Inc. KP has produced the movie The Broken Road, Taylor Made, and The Sound of The Spirit.

Guy Camara lives in Indianapolis Indiana with his wife and children.